7 Wedding Proposal Ideas Guaranteed to Impress Your Partner

Looking for ideas on how to propose to your partner? We'll get you started in the right direction with these wonderful wedding proposal ideas.

7 Wedding Proposal Ideas Guaranteed to Impress Your Partner

So, you’ve finally met the person of your dreams and can’t wait to spend the rest of your life with them. Your next step is working out how to present a proposal that they will never ever forget.

With so many wonderful ways you can ask your loved one to tie the knot, it can be quite daunting. Are they the kind of person who likes huge displays of affection and elaborate gestures, or are they someone who would prefer an occasion with a little more intimacy and a more private way of showing your love?

How should I propose to my partner? Whatever way you choose, this is a time when you can tell her how much they are loved and what they mean to you. Your proposal should come from the heart. It should be about the two of you, together as a couple. How you share your most special romantic moment is a unique reflection of your love.

It’s not always about the amount of money you spend. Often the most romantic proposals are the ones with less budget and more romance!

So, let’s jump right in with some great ideas of proposing to your partner. We hope you find one that totally defines your love for each other!

‘How you share your most special romantic moment is a unique reflection of your love.’


One of the more casual ways to propose.
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There are some wonderfully cute ways in which you can get crafty with your proposal! Flower petals, coloured paper, glitter and of course sand on a beach, spelling out the words ‘will you marry me?’ It’s guaranteed to make your loved one swoon with delight.

Why not write your proposal in chalk on the driveway from when you arrive back from a picnic, restaurant or even when your loved one returns from a hard day at work? Make this a little more of a public affair by chalking it on the sidewalk or even their office parking lot!

Online love

Valentine’s Day, Detail of screen of tablet
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Arrange for one of your friends go take four images of you with the words ‘Will’, ‘You’, ‘Marry’ and ‘Me’. Then arrange to meet your partner in your chosen proposal location. During their journey, send them the 4 pictures as texts in the correct order, making sure the pictures will arrive before they reach the location. As soon as you meet, drop to your knees and recite your proposal speech.

Another way to express your love with the use of technology, is to set up a web page on the internet with your proposal message and send her an email or a text with a link to the address.

Picnic Proposal

I wanted to take some photos of the mountains and invited my girlfriend to go with me. She turned a normal photo day in a very romantic day
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A picnic proposal is just so sweet, romantic and perfect for a summer or spring declaration of love.

Ask a friend to make up a picnic for you including cheese, wine, and some sweet treats. If you don’t have any suitable friends to do this for you, there are many bistros, bakeries and other food outlets that would be able to make up a stylish picnic.

Set up your picnic beforehand by either you or your friends. A perfect location is the woods, by a river or even on a mountain - if you’re the adventurous types! Take your partner for a walk and when you arrive at your picnic location, you are ready to propose.

Another stunning way to propose in the great outdoors is on a beautiful clear summer night under the stars. It will make your proposal even more stunning if there is a lunar eclipse or a meteor shower predicted.

‘A picnic proposal is just so sweet ...perfect for a summer or spring declaration of love.’

Cosy home proposals

Sweaters and coffee
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If you know your partner would prefer a more intimate setting for your proposal, look no further than your own home. Here are two romantic ways to pop the question at home.

  • Make a stunning candle-lit path in your house or garden that leads to a ring of candles containing your engagement ring.
  • Tie a simple velvet ribbon between two points in your house. Along the ribbon, fasten photographs and little notes written about your life and relationship so far together. When they reach the end of the ribbon, you will be ready to propose and present your partner with your ring.

Destination proposal

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A cute but really effective proposal when you’re on holiday with your chosen one is to build a sandcastle together and when your partner turns around, add the engagement ring on top of the sandcastle.

Another lovely romantic gesture is to go for a drink in your hotel bar at the end of a day’s sightseeing. Arrange for the staff at the hotel to set up flowers, candles, and champagne in your hotel room while you have been out and when you return to your room, you’re all set for your romantic proposal.


This is a couple understanding where to go in Rome. She has a beautiful flower dress, he wears a vintage hat and in the background there is a man that will play his violin in all white suit. Everything talks about a beautiful day, Rome and Piazza di Spagna.
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Arrange for a brass band, choir, guitarist or another type of musician you know your partner loves, to arrive at a historical monument, park, restaurant to play a song for you both, which may even include your partner’s name in the lyrics. This is of course, not for those who are easily embarrassed!

Restaurant proposal

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Hiding the ring in the dessert is far too last century and certainly not recommended. Take a look online and present your loved one with a spoon customised with the words ‘Will you marry me?’’. Many online handcrafted marketplaces sell these as well as other customised items that you can use to create an unforgettable proposal.

Just make sure you plan in advance with the restaurant and make sure that you have given them the spoon! When your loved ones’ dessert arrives and they’re handed the spoon, you can fall on your knees and present your engagement ring.

Now we’ve looked at some fabulous proposal ideas, guaranteed to win their heart. Let’s take a look below at how you can plan your proposal to make sure it goes smoothly, without a hitch and they, of course, will say yes!

Planning the proposal

  • Buy the ring - If you want your proposal to be a total surprise, you can buy the ring on your own. Purchasing the ring can be done together if the surprise element isn’t as important to you. If you know exactly what your partner would like, it’s a really romantic gesture to present your partner with a ring they are not aware of! On the other hand, if you’re not sure of the kind of ring they would like or even the size of the ring required, it may be better to shop together. In any event, don’t forget to keep the receipt and make sure you insure the ring
  • Ask parents' permission - Make sure you arranging a meeting in person and of course it goes without saying, to dress smartly and appropriately for the occasion! Remember it is a very important time in a parent's life and they will really appreciate the efforts you have made. In some cultures, and families, it is an important gesture, however, in recent times, it has become less of an obligation. As your partner’s approval should be the most important to you, another way of going about it could be to first propose to your partner and then discuss this with them: do they want you to ask for their parents’ permission or would they rather consign this tradition to the history books?
  • Decide the location - Make sure the chosen location is romantic and has personal meaning for you. Historic monuments, beaches, parks, your own home, any romantic settings such as your favourite taverna or restaurant, or even a mountain top is perfect.
  • Prepare your speech - Preparing your speech is extremely important if you don’t want to be stumbling over your words and appear totally unprepared! Write the words down so that you can think more clearly about keeping your speech short and to the point and then rehearse it in front of a mirror. A great proposal can also be in the form of a song or a poem you both love, or one which has special meaning to you both. Even one you’ve written yourself. Just make sure any words sound sincere and come from the heart.
  • Take your partner to the location - A fabulous way of making sure your partner arrives at your proposal location is by arranging a treasure hunt with clues leading to you meeting them there with the ring.  Alternatively, you can pick your partner up as part of a normal date, ask their friends to take them to the proposal spot or arrange to meet at your chosen location. The main point to consider is to make sure you’ve fine-tuned the details, taking travel, and other important points into consideration and organised your proposal down the last detail
  • The proposal - So you are both here! Now is the time to kneel down, express your love with your proposal speech and wait for them to say yes! Don’t forget to stay kneeling for a short while as it just edges up to the romantic element of the occasion.
‘The main point to consider is to make sure you’ve fine-tuned the details,
taking travel, and other important points into consideration… down to the last detail.’


Congratulations from everyone here at Wedding Wow Factor. We hope you enjoyed our article about a number of wonderful ways you can surprise the one you love with a fabulously impressive marriage proposal - guaranteed to take their breath away. Good Luck!

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