About Us

Hi! We are Andreea and Mihnea and we are thrilled to welcome you to our online wedding magazine, Wedding Wow Factor.

In the 18 months prior to our weddings we decided to write about our research experiences, share our plans and the tools we put together with the view to facilitate this experience for other brides and grooms out there. We loved every minute of our wedding planning and we were lucky enough to plan two weddings in two different countries.

We would do it all again - get married to one another, of course! So, we thought, if we loved it so much, why not try and explore every aspect of wedding planning, create a friendly and easily readable website that could be a great starting point for recently engaged couples.

Here you will find everything from how to choose your venue, bridesmaids and wedding invitations to the latest flower trends. Our promise is that we will be honest, detailed and write our articles with love and happiness, channelled from the moment we saw each other on the aisle.

We hope you enjoy our happy place!

Lots of love,

A & M