DIY Wedding Favour Ideas

DIY wedding favours are budget-friendly and really impactful. Get inspired by these awesome ideas and tick one more thing off your list!

DIY Wedding Favour Ideas

If the budget for your wedding is a little on the tighter side, the perfect solution could be a bit of DIY! So many elements of a wedding lend themselves super well to a bit of do-it-yourself - from hand-making your invites right up to doing your own flowers.

Crafting can be slightly time-consuming, but the results are so personalised, you just can’t beat them. One sure-fire way to save a bit of dosh at your wedding is to DIY wedding favours of your own. They can be small and simple but still look absolutely fab. Not to mention your guests’ faces when they see you’ve put so much effort into a little gift for them.

Kitchen Creations

There are plenty of ideas for wedding favours which can be recreated with ease, all in the comfort of your own kitchen! If you’re a dab hand at cooking and baking, then definitely use your culinary skills to make your DIY wedding favours.

Jams & Chutneys

Photo by Humphrey Muleba / Unsplash

For a small price and a fair amount of sugar, you could make a huge batch of jam or chutney to decant into miniature jars for your guests. Make a couple of different flavours so your guests can swap each other for their favourite toast topping or sandwich filling.

A super simple strawberry jam recipe only involves 3 ingredients - the quantities of each of these will vary depending on how much jam you want to make. To make 3-4 normal sizes jars you’ll need:

●       1 kg strawberries

●       750 g jam sugar

●       lemon juice from 1 lemon

Wipe down your strawberries and remove the leaves and centre of each before tossing them in the sugar. Leave the strawberries in the sugar overnight (12 hours).

Put the strawberry mixture into a pan (suitable for jam making) and add the lemon juice.

Cook on a low heat to begin, until all of the sugar has disintegrated. Then you will need to bring the pan to a boil for around 5-10 minutes until hot enough - if you have a thermometer, 105°C is the optimum temperature.

Scoop off any “scum” from the surface before spooning into warm jars.

Biscuits & Tray Bakes

Photo by Miroslava / Unsplash

Baking things in large batches is the perfect way to cater to multiple guests for a relatively small price. Biscuits can be as dainty or generous as you like - perhaps mini shortbread heart shapes, or you could bake a few traybakes - these can be cut into nice neat little squares and simply wrapped in baking paper with a rustic piece of twine tying them closed.


Rose tea I made
Photo by Miti / Unsplash

Not everyone likes a bit of tipple, so you could create really unique favours in the form of tea! Order a batch of loose-leaf tea and split it into small bottles, jars or paper pouches.

For those who love a nice G&T, you could delve into the art of gin-making - sloe gin is super simple to make and makes nice boozy wedding favours which people can enjoy on the big day*.

*Some venues may be a bit iffy about you supplying alcohol to your guests, so definitely check with the venue before making alcoholic favours.

Crafty Creations

To avoid any problems with dietary requirements or food allergies, you may want to opt for something inedible as your DIY wedding favour. There are loads of beautiful things you could try your hand at - you never know, you may find yourself a new hobby!


Stamp with letter T on white background
Photo by Aleksey Boev / Unsplash

Apologies, this isn’t quite a DIY, but it would definitely assist in a lot of possible wedding creations. If you want to brand your wedding and keep a continuous look across all of your save the dates, invitations and wedding favours, then buying a personalised stamp would be a really great idea. Have a look at the English Stamp Company and Etsy sellers to find one you like.

Once you have your stamp and some ink pads, you can use it on EVERYTHING!


Photo by Jillien Minera / Unsplash

Candle making equipment is readily available to buy online and if you keep your candles small, you’ll get the most out of your ingredients. Experiment with essential oils to create scented candles that suit you and your partner’s tastes - there are so many oils available, you may find your own perfume or the scent of your favourite flower.


In a similar “scent” to the candle wedding favours above, you could make beautiful fragranced soaps. Like the biccies, you could make small love hearts to get the most out of your soap-making kit (these are pretty easy to find online) and keep the love theme going throughout your day. Add a silly little pun like “Soap-erfect for each other” or wrap some of your wedding branded paper around each bar.

Check out this video on how to make organic soap:

Easy Wedding Favours

For those who don’t fancy getting stuck into a soap or candle-making session, there are loads of inexpensive wedding favour ideas that you could make with little-to-no crafting talent.

Sweet Treats

Photo by Sylvanus Urban / Unsplash

A sweetie wedding favour would be a great option for someone who has a tight schedule and not much time left before their big day. Fill up small paper bags with you and your other half’s favourite sweets and Bob’s your uncle. Tie on a little personalised tag or a bow and you have the easiest wedding favours ever!

If you don’t want to go down the sweetie route, you could use mints instead. Little packages with a couple of mint imperials would probably go down a treat after the wedding breakfast. Add some fun to your packaging with a little pun - “Mint to be Together”

Seeds - Let the Love Grow

Organic Farming
Photo by Joshua Lanzarini / Unsplash

For those who like to be kind to the earth or those who love their gardens, making little seed pouches could be the perfect option for you. All you’ll need are seeds of your choice and some little money envelopes. You could personalise each envelope - writing the guest’s name or your wedding date on, or you could opt for a cute (if a little bit cheesy) message, “Let the Love Grow” for example.


A top-down view of hiking supplies about to be packed for a weekend camping trip.
Photo by Adrian Pelletier / Unsplash

Obviously, these are not child-friendly wedding favours, but they can be a sweet little addition to the wedding table. With a lovely little pun “Match Made in Heaven”, all you need are tiny little matchboxes or matchbooks that you can personalise yourself.

So, there’s some food for thought (literally) about how you can DIY your own wedding favours to suit your personality, your wedding style or just your budget. No matter what you decide to do, don’t get too stressed over favours, as long as there are friends, family and good music, your guests will be as happy as you and your new hubby or wife.