Low-carbon, Eco-friendly Honeymoon Travel

If you want to keep your honeymoon a little more pocket-friendly and a whole lot more planet-friendly, then you’ll want to keep reading! There are a few great ways in which you can reduce your carbon footprint (and often reduce your bill at the same time) when it comes to eco friendly travel.

Low-carbon, Eco-friendly Honeymoon Travel

Travelling by Train

Hopping on a train to your honeymoon destination is a great start when it comes to lowering carbon emissions. Whether you staycation in the UK or jump on the Eurostar, train travel kicks out considerably less CO2 per person than travelling by aeroplane.

There are a whole host of places that can be reached by train from the UK, so you aren’t limiting your honeymoon adventures by choosing this greener method of travel. As we mentioned above, a staycation is becoming quite a popular option for honeymooners. Go surfing in Cornwall or walking in the Lake District, or for those who just want some good old R&R, book into a luxury spa and make the most of being pampered!

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If you opt for a European honeymoon, definitely consider the Eurostar. Once you’ve reached London, you can jump on the Eurostar from St. Pancras and head to:

●        Rotterdam

●        Amsterdam

●        Brussels

●        Paris

●        Avignon

●        Bourg-Saint-Maurice

●        Lyon

●        Marseilles

●        Lille

●        Fréthun

You can then travel beyond these cities by using local rail services.

Travelling by Boat/Ferry

The Civilized Way to Commute
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If you don’t mind a slightly slower journey at sea, then getting on a boat to your honeymoon destination could be the perfect choice for you. Part of the adventure is being out in open waters and having uninterrupted views of romantic sunsets and sunrises.


A popular city to visit by ferry is Amsterdam, which does offer some romantic spots if you know where to look - with lush green fields, tulips and windmills, you could cycle around the countryside and have picnics in the sun. If your honeymoon is just going to be an extension of your wedding party, then there’s nowhere better to party than Amsterdam!

Other places you can access by ferry are:

●        France

●        Ireland

●        Spain

●        Norway

●        Isle of Wight

●        Isle of Man

Commercial Boats

A recent trend has seen couples nabbing themselves a spot on commercial ships which are carrying cargo to a multitude of destinations. This sort of travel is available through certain specialist travel companies. Check out Cargo Ship Voyages or Freighter Expeditions to see the vast number of countries which could become an option for your honeymoon.

You could find yourself hooked to this way of travelling as it is a lot quieter and more relaxed than busy flights with connections. Although, it can get quite pricey the further afield you travel.

Travel by Bus/Coach

Hop in, travellers
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It may not be the most glamorous of all the modes of transport, but it’s a great way to reduce your carbon emissions by sharing the journey with others. You can travel from the top to the bottom of the country making use of the Megabus or National Express services and coach travel is ideal for holidaying across Europe.

Fancy a trip to Disneyland Paris? There are loads of coach trips to get you to this magical place and it really isn’t all that expensive… until you get to the gift shops.

The Complete Eco Honeymoon

If you want to continue your low carbon efforts beyond just travel, then why not stay at an eco-friendly resort and tailor your activities to suit? Take a look at this post by Earth Changers about the most romantic and green honeymoon spots.

Travel Once at Your Destination

Once you get to your honeymoon destination, why not opt to hire an electric car if you need one to get around. Of course, if you can get by walking, cycling or by using public transport such as trains and buses, this is the best option. Whatever is best for the environment, the most sustainable for the local communities and the most respectful towards the natural and cultural heritage of the area is the best for successful, environmentally friendly tourism.

Water bottles

Considering buying a reusable water bottle to use on your trip. This can be refilled from safe drinking water sources or, at the very least, from plastic bottles with larger capacity which still means you’ll be using less recyclable or single use plastics overall.

Think: “responsible traveller”

Pack and travel lightly, look for a tour operator that specialises in green global travel and be considerate of the environment in everything you do but don’t forget to enjoy the trip. Have fun!