Paper or Electronic Wedding Invitations?

Paper or Electronic Wedding Invitations?
Darling, look what came through the post today! Oh, this looks great! Where is the wedding? Is there a theme? My name is so beautifully handwritten! This is such a lovely keepsake!

This is the reaction everyone hopes to get when sending their wedding invitations out. Your wedding is happening, it’s all real now and this is the first hint your guests will get of your big day. Many will choose to keep it forever, place it in a sentimental place in their homes and show it to their friends and family. It is special, unique and it requires a lot of thinking, decision making and coordination.

Writing letters is one of the oldest and most romantic forms of communication. The power of words cannot be underestimated. No technological advancement has yet managed to overtake the feeling of reading a handwritten message. The impact that a beautifully calligraphed piece of paper has on the reader can only be translated into words by a smile and that is the result you always want to have when people receive your wedding invitation.

That one piece of paper that has been touched by the happy couple, has been carefully folded and emotionally walked to the post office to be sent to someone special, somehow always carries along an emotional vibe.

Wedding invitations are delivering a joyful announcement about a happy bride and groom with the important information on when and where the event will take place.

So, if this is such a big element of your wedding planning, how come more and more millennials are choosing the eco-friendly version of electronic wedding invitations?

Nowadays you have friends from different countries attending your wedding, different food requirements, plus ones to consider and directions for lovely ‘in the middle of nowhere’ locations. Only if you keep it all in one place will you feel that you have got this under control!

Here are a few reasons why electronic invitations from websites like Greenvelope are useful:

  1. Flexibility in the numbers required – no need to pre-think how many invitations you should order!
  2. More templates to choose from – who can decide if you want one of your engagement photos in or not from the beginning? You should play around with different options until you’re happy with the design!
  3. Option of sending the same card in different languages – Oui! Si! Yes!
  4. Option of changing the text depending on the recipients – and maybe add an inner joke to your bestie’s invitation
  5. Purchasing of a subscription means you can send the Save the Dates, Wedding Invitations and Thank you cards for only one expense – Cha-ching!
  6. Electronic database of RSVPs downloadable at any time
  7. Seating plan creating straight from your RSVP list
  8. Send your invite via email, Facebook or Text
  9. Work on your invitation and schedule it to go out at the right time
  10. Use your subscription for other events/ announcements in the year – e.g. you can send close friends a nice personalised Happy Birthday card using a photo from your wedding whilst your subscription is active
  11. Print your invitation and hand it to someone personally if you wish to
  12. Save a few trees and the planet!
  13. Force majeure? Keep your guests informed of any updates
  14. Dietary requirements? Plus ones? Direct link to guests’ calendar of the event’s location and many more integrated options to choose from

Enjoy the planning and let us know what you decide!