What if it Rains on My Wedding Day? 12 Top Tips for Planning and Embracing a Rainy Wedding

Find out how to prepare for a rainy wedding and how to embrace it. You can still have a wonderful, fun day and marry your darling in style.

What if it Rains on My Wedding Day? 12 Top Tips for Planning and Embracing a Rainy Wedding

If you’re reading this, you’re probably in one of three situations:

  • You’ve woken up to rain on your wedding day
  • The weather forecast predicts rain on your wedding day
  • You’re being super prepared and preparing for a rainy wedding, because you never know

Whichever situation you are in, you want to know how to prepare for a rainy wedding day and want to know how to embrace it. After all, you can still have a wonderful, fun day and marry your darling in style - the rain won’t stop that. You’ll just have some of these added perks that a sunny day won’t!

Read on to find out what the perks of a rainy wedding day are, and how they can make your day even better.

It’s raining
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Things to prepare for rain on your wedding day

The key for any wedding day is preparation, especially so for a rainy wedding. If you can prepare all these, your guests will be impressed at everything you thought of and you will be able to relax and enjoy your day.

Here are six key things you’ll need to prepare for rain on your wedding day:


Talk to your vendors to see what they can do and how they plan for rain. How does the photographer work? What options are available for last minute changes in plans? (If you had an outside wedding, will the building be able to accommodate moving it inside?) How will the florist cope with rain? (Your wedding flowers will actually last longer in the cooler weather - bonus!)

Caressing the silky petals
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If you’re outdoors for your wedding, prepare a tent as a backup plan (or embrace it as a permanent option!) You can hire them quite cheaply last minute, if needed - check with your local businesses. Then, you and your guests can sit in the tent cosily with blankets and hot drinks (see below), watching the rain and listening to it pattering on the tent roof. Bliss.


A rainy day essential that can be bought quite cheaply, umbrellas are perfect props and can be bought to fit your wedding theme. Whether you buy matching umbrellas or a mix of colour, you can add a picturesque element to keeping you and your guests happy and dry. You can even get embroidered two-person umbrellas with “just married” as a personalised gift for you and your honey! And, umbrellas can be the perfect prop for playful and artistic photos.

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Rain ponchos

They may not be glamorous, but they’re an easy way to keep nice clothes protected from the rain. They’re great for keeping the rain off you and your guests, making everyone feel warmer and happier. They’re a must have for any rainy wedding and can make for extra laughs and playful (and unique) photos.

Blankets and towels

It can get pretty cold when it rains, so prepare blankets and towels for you and your guests to dry off with and keep cosy. You can get them cheaply in bulk online or in bargain stores to match your theme, or buy a colourful mix from second hand stores. Warm and dry doesn’t need to be expensive. Give your guests a homely feeling that you’ll all be talking about.

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Hot drinks

Mulled wine, hot spiced cider, cocoa, tea, and hot juice! What says “cosy” better than a selection of hot drinks to warm up your insides? Spoil your guests with homely treatments and they’ll have forgotten about the rain in no time.

How to embrace rain on your wedding day

If you’re not one for rain, or wanted that sunny day, don’t worry - here are six great reasons you should embrace the rain and have a bit of fun with it.

First Valentine’s Day
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It brings good fortune

Did you know, in many places, rain on your wedding day brings good luck? Countries all over the world believe it to be a sign of good fortune, abundance, cleansing, and fertility. After all, all life needs rain to survive, so they believe it shows a thriving relationship.

It creates some of the BEST photos

Search for “rainy wedding” and you’re bound to find countless incredible and magical photos. The soft lighting, cloudy skies, and puddles make for perfect, romantic, emotional, moody photos. In fact, many photographers prefer cloudy weather, as they can produce better photos than when there’s glare from the sun. Plus, you and your guests won’t have to worry about photos of you all squinting into the sunlight! Embrace puddles for incredible reflection photography and get playful, cute umbrella and blanket cuddle shots. Talk to your photographer to see what they can do to make the best of nature.

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Dancing in the rain

You thought this was something you only saw in movies, until now! If it rains on your wedding day, don’t hide inside and grumble about missed opportunities. If all the big movies love steamy or playful rainy scenes, then it’s clearly a big hit. Take off those shoes, grab your honey or best friend, and dance in the rain for a bit of adrenaline-raising fun. Trust us, it’ll be the most memorable part for years to come!

Stay closer to your darling and steal under-umbrella privacy

Many couples say they barely spent any time together on their wedding day. Although it was their special day, they spent more time talking to their guests. This is easily fixed with a two-person umbrella. A shared umbrella with your darling will give you a bit of much needed time together, with stolen kisses under the dome of privacy (a perfect opportunity for a cute photo that you’ll cherish for the rest of your life).

Wir fuhren auf einen Berg, den sogenannten “Melibokus”. Wir wussten den Weg nicht, aber wir hatten ein Ziel: “wir wollen auf diesen Berg”. Also fuhren wir den Berg auf kleinsten Trampelpfaden hinauf. Die Wege waren meist kleiner als das Auto, es regnete stark und auf einer Seite war immer ein tiefer Abgrund.
Doch wir hatten dieses eine Ziel: Hoch hinauf! So wie auch das Ziel dieses frischen Ehepaars war: “Der Liebe folgen, hoch hinauf”. So kamen wir im strömenden Regen also endlich am Gipfel an. Dieser einzigartige Moment kam dabei zu Stande. Ein Moment voller liebe, Freude und Zweisamkeit.
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Enjoy the romance and tranquillity

You often see characters in TV shows wistfully looking out of the window with rain pattering on the roof and windows. Rain is romantic, cleansing, and calming, which is why it’s often used for relaxing soundtracks. Use this - highlight your wedding with beautiful raindrops, soft back-lighting, tranquil photos, cooling breezes, and the warmth of love, friends, and family.

Plus, wedding wellies!

Is it not the cutest and most fun look with your wedding dress? And much comfier than those wedding heels? Add fun and colour with wellies and don’t worry about the mud and puddles. (Plus, you can dance longer in wellies than in heels!)

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Key takeaways

Rain doesn’t have to create a washout. In fact, it makes it better - bringing good luck, fortune, and cleansing to your relationship. With the right preparation, you can take the stress out of unpredictable weather and embrace the rain for the most fun, romantic, and cosy day you hoped for. Cuddle under umbrellas and blankets, use wellies, clouds, and puddles for cute and incredible photo opportunities, and dance in the rain with your friends and family for your most memorable day.

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